Knight Who Gave Us King Arthur


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For centuries, readers have been enthralled by the tales of the doomed Round Table, the mythical King Arthur, and the most cherished love story ever told – that of Guenevere his Queen and Sir Lancelot his greatest knight. However, a great mystery surrounds the author of this novel. Undeniable evidence indicates that his true identity was mistaken for centuries.

In these enthralling pages, you will learn more about who the author was and the secret reason that he didn’t seek any attention for himself. You will find out about the astonishing discovery of an older version of his masterpiece–the greatest 15th-century literary work in English–and the shocking place that it lay hidden for 700 years.

While it is certain that Sir Thomas Malory was the author, there was more than one man with the same name living during this time period. Dr. Cecelia Linton separates the fact from fiction shrouding this enigma.

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SKU (ISBN): 9798986815725
Cla Linton
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2023
Publisher: University of Chicago Press


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