Kurt Nickle Dickle Of Whiskers


Nine-year-old Kurtis Francis Nickle-Dickle-red haired, freckled, and lame-finds himself in a distant world far from home and the schoolmates who often ridicule him. A mysterious passage leads the boy and his dog, Charlie, to an enchanted animal kingdom and to the discovery of an ancient family legacy. In the magical, musical, and colorful Land of Whiskers, trees are made of copper, nickel, and silver; animals communicate with their whiskers; and all creatures aspire to rise through the colors to the coveted rank of silver.

But the light, the life force that feeds the colors, is falling prey to the ravenous Thunder Troll and his dark legions. Only Kurt, using an ancient family key, can unlock the power of the Cornerstone to save the land. Time is short! Will Kurt desert his friends in a frantic search for the doorway home? Or will he use the key and fight the troll and risk remaining in the Land of Whiskers forever?

With endearing characters, clever prose, and playful verse, author N. J. McLagan’s charming Kurt Nickle-Dickle of Whiskers will captivate with themes of friendship, faith, courage, and the power of light over darkness.


SKU (ISBN): 9781646455218
N. J. McLagan
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Redemption Press

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