Law Of God – (Other Language)


Chapter 1. God’s Love Captured In The Ten Commandments

Chapter 2. The First Commandment “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me”

Chapter 3. The Second Commandment “You Shall Not Make For Yourself An Idol Or Worship It”

Chapter 4. The Third Commandment “You Shall Not Take The Name Of The LORD Your God In Vain”

Chapter 5. The Fourth Commandment “Remember The Sabbath Day, To Keep It Holy”

Chapter 6. The Fifth Commandment “Honor Your Father And Your Mother”

Chapter 7. The Sixth Commandment “You Shall Not Murder”

Chapter 8. The Seventh Commandment “You Shall Not Commit Adultery”

Chapter 9. The Eighth Commandment “You Shall Not Steal”

Chapter 10. The Ninth Commandment “You Shall Not Bear False Witness Against Your Neighbor”

Chapter 11. The Tenth Commandment “You Shall Not Covet Your Neighbor’s House”

Chapter 12. The Law Of Abiding With God

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“Abiding by God’s commands is like holding a lamp in complete darkness. When we have a bright lamp, we don’t have to worry about tripping over something in the dark.”

This book The Law of God is a compilation of the series of sermons based on His word, and the inspiration about ‘The Ten Commandments’ which author Dr. Jaerock Lee received while fasting and praying shortly after he began his ministry.
In this book you will find the way of drawing yourself close to God, of receiving answers from God, of abiding with God, and the way to encounter God. If you come to know the spiritual significance of the Ten Commandments that are discussed in this book, and come to understand the deep love of God who gave us the Ten Commandments and decide to live in obedience to His Commandments, you will receive incredible blessings from the Lord.

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Jaerock Lee
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Published: March 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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