Leaders Greatest Return Workbook


What is the greatest return on a leader’s time? Once leaders have begun investing in their own leadership growth, what is the best way to accomplish their vision and grow their organizations or team? Develop leaders! The more leaders an organization has and the better equipped they are to lead, the more successful the organization and all its leaders.

In this new workbook, based on the title of the same name, New York Times bestselling author John C. Maxwell takes the process of developing leaders to the next level by relating some of the key principles he has learned over the last quarter century. He especially instructs readers in how to . . .
*Know what potential leaders look like
*Attract leaders by creating a leadership table
*Work themselves out of a job by equipping and empowering leaders
*Position leaders to build a winning team
*Coach leaders to higher levels and make them leadership developers themselves

As John has discovered, most competent leaders are able to lead followers, good leaders have the capacity to lead other leaders, and great leaders can not only lead but also develop other leaders. But it is only the very best leaders who are able to develop leaders who themselves, in turn, develop other leaders. This is where reproduction, transformation, and compounding occur.

Any leader who wants to take his or her game to the highest level today and build a legacy for tomorrow needs to become a leader who develops other leaders.

1. Identifying Leaders: Find Them So You Can Develop Them
2. Attracting Leaders: Invite Them to the Leadership Table
3. Understanding Leaders: Connect with Them Before You Lead Them
4. Motivating Leaders: Encourage Them to Give Their Best
5. Equipping Leaders: Teach Them to Be Great at Their Job
6. Empowering Leaders: Release Them to Reach Their Potential
7. Positioning Leaders: Place Them Where They Best Help Others
8. Mentoring Leaders: Coach Them to Their Next Level
9. Reproducing Leaders: Show Them How to Develop Leaders
10. Compounding Leaders: Receive the High Return of Developing Leaders

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310111665
John Maxwell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: HarperCollins Leadership


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