Life As A Christian


Deciding to follow Jesus is a reason to celebrate! New Christians are beginning beautiful relationships with God, but they might also be starting a list of questions about what Christians believe and how they live. Life as a Christian invites readers to explore the key truths of the Christian faith and find the answers to big questions such as:

*Who is God and how should I respond to Him?
*Why should I trust the Bible?
*Who does God say I am?
*What is the Church, and why should I be part of it?

With this clear explanation about spiritual disciplines and God’s plan for His creation, new Christians will better know God and who they are called to be as His people. Life as a Christian works well in a church setting, for personal use, or as an evangelism tool, laying a strong foundation that new believers can build on with confidence as their faith grows.


SKU (ISBN): 9781087754574
Mary Wiley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
1 Big Story
Publisher: B and H Publishing Group


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