Caleb, Isabella, Samuel, and Victoria are from four different continents, brought together by their parents who are ambassadors to the United States. When they meet at a 4th of July picnic, they are excited to learn they would share the same class at Capitol Elementary. Their excitement comes to a sudden halt when they are faced with bullies on the playground. Later that day on Victoria’s porch, Caleb, Isabella, Samuel, and Victoria deal with their feelings in their own personal way. Suddenly, a dove appears and leads them one-by-one to a secret location where they find a very special letter. This letter frees each of them to overcome the results of ugliness they had all felt within their hearts and minds. This unifies them in a major LIFT! Caleb, Isabella, Samuel, and Victoria are able to return to school with confidence and strength of heart to face those who had caused them great pain.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781949572384
ISBN10: 1949572382
Amy Pierce | Illustrator: Sherry Mitchum
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: March 2020
Publisher: Carpenter’s Son Publishing


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