Little Brown Haired Girl And The Bad Bug Bite


When the little brown-haired girl’s dad tells her she can play outside, she gets so excited she forgets the very thing she was told NOT to do!

In this second book of the Little Brown-Haired Girl series, the Little Brown-Haired Girl once again is playing outside in her neighborhood-only this time she forgets her shoes. When she enters the garage to look for a ball, she is greeted by a very unpleasant visitor! OUCH!

Through this unfortunate encounter the Little Brown-Haired Girl realizes the importance of listening to and obeying her parents.

This joins the first book, The Little Brown-Haired Girl and the Secret-Tree Club. They are illustrated by Nathaniel Platts and are written by Kay Moore, who feels fortunate to live in her growing-up neighborhood where she daily can walk by the site of the bug-bite incident and still can climb in her special tree.


SKU (ISBN): 9781613150085
Kay Moore | Nathaniel Platts
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2011
Little Brown Haired Girl # 2
Publisher: Hannibal Books

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