Lord Is My Courage


This is a book for those in need of a new path to feeling God’s kindness and grace. Come, receive courage–not beyond your fear, but within it.

Trauma-informed therapist and author K.J. Ramsey offers reflections on one of the darkest valleys of her life and asks: How can you become courageous when you feel crushed? How can you feel loved by God when you’re afraid he’s forgotten you? How can you experience God’s kindness right in the middle of your fears? The question of what to do with our fear often plagues us, but The Lord Is My Courage explores how fear might bring the possibility of courageous faith.

The Lord Is My Courage is a creative meditation on Psalm 23 that shows you courage is more accessible than you think, because courage is something we can practice to grow in trust that we do have a Good Shepherd who is with us always–no matter where we’ve been or what we’re facing today. Braiding contemplative storytelling, rich theological reflection, and practical neuroscience, Ramsey reveals a path into connection and joy that begins where we are–right in the middle of our stress, anxiety, and pain. Learn to walk the road of resilience, where the Good Shepherd will always meet you in regulating your nervous system and refreshing your soul. Come, find a faith that never leaves your fear or body behind. Learn how to let your fear prompt you to follow the Shepherd. This is a book for all of us who want something better than having to be brave–getting to be beloved.

Your fear is not the enemy.

You do not have to hide your broken heart to belong or fight your fears to fit into the flock of faith.

You could live in the face of your fear and know you are God’s friend.

You could discover and trust that Courage Himself has come to dwell with you–forever.


SKU (ISBN): 9780310124160
K. J. Ramsey
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Zondervan


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