Married In 12 Months Or Less


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Professional matchmaker and relationship coach, Jackie Dorman shares the teaching that has helped countless single women just like you get out their own way and get married in less than one year. Whether you haven’t dated for years or have never dated at all, it doesn’t matter-Married in 12 Months or Less is your personal guide on dating, overcoming past relationship trauma, and meeting the love of your life.

What’s your love life look like? Be honest. Does it feel like everyone else is in a happy, committed relationship except for you? Do you ever ask yourself “Why does it seem so easy for other people to find love but so hard for me?” or “When is it going to finally be my turn?” If you’re tired of being the bridesmaid and not the bride, living in the pain of past hurts, or constantly attracting the wrong guys, this book is for you!

Jackie Dorman has been there and she will help you get out of your own way and step into the Love Story that’s waiting just for you.

In Married or 12 Months or Less, you will learn:

*how to heal your heart from past relationship trauma and learn the tools to prevent future trauma.

*how to recognize the blindspots that keep you from seeing and receiving the love that’s often right in front of you.

*proven ways to recognize red flags quickly in order to protect your time, energy and emotions.

*how to use the biblical law of attraction to attract high-quality romantic relationships from now on.

*how to embrace your divine feminine power to captivate the Spirit Mate that will love you for you.

Are you ready to get unstuck? Get out of the waiting room and join the movement that is changing lives whether you are discouraged, divorced, or just plain depressed when it comes to love.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781637630532
ISBN10: 1637630530
Jackie Dorman
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: January 2022
Publisher: Spring Arbor Distributors


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