Matthew Part 2


This, the second of a two-part study of Matthew, covers chapters 14 through 28. It presents the account of Jesus’ life using the theme Follow Me to show how Jesus called and trained his disciples to proclaim his death and resurrection to the world.
All necessary components for organizing and leading this study are included on a CD-ROM: PDF and RTF files of student lessons and leaders guide that contains the student lessons and answers.

The Study Covers The Following Fifteen Lessons:
Matthey 14 & 15
Matthew 16
Matthew 17
Matthew 18
Matthew 19
Matthew 20:1-21:11
Matthew 21:12-46
Matthew 22
Matthew 23
Matthew 24:1-35
Matthew 24:36-25:46
Matthew 26:1-46
Matthew 26:47-27:10
Matthew 27:11-56
Matthew 27:57-28:20


SKU (ISBN): 9780810011410
Robert Koester
Binding: Boxed Set
Published: 2000
NPH Bible Insights
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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