Measure Of Faith – (Other Language)


Chapter 1. What Is Faith?
1. The Definition Of Faith God Accepts
2. The Power Of Faith Knows No Limit
3. Fleshly Faith And Spiritual Faith
4. To Possess Spiritual Faith

Chapter 2. The Growth Of Spiritual Faith

1. Faith Of Infants / Toddlers
2. Faith Of Children
3. Faith Of Youths
4. Faith Of Fathers

Chapter 3.The Measure Of Each Individual’s Faith

1. The Measure Of Faith Given By God
2. Different Measure Of Each One’s Faith
3. The Measure Of Faith Tested By Fire

Chapter 4. The Faith To Receive Salvation

1. The First Level Of Faith
2. Did You Receive The Holy Spirit?
3. The Faith Of The Criminal Who Repented
4. Do Not Quench The Holy Spirit
5. Was Adam Saved?

Chapter 5. The Faith To Try To Live By The Word

1. The Second Level Of Faith
2. The Toughest Stage Of The Life In Faith
3. The Faith Of The Israelites During The Exodus
4. Unless You Believe And Obey
5. Immature And Mature Christians

Chapter 6. The Faith To Live By The Word

1. The Third Level Of Faith
2. Until Reaching The Rock Of Faith
3. Struggling Against Sin To The Point Of Shedding Blood

Chapter 7. The Faith To Love The Lord To The Utmost Degree

1. The Fourth Level Of Faith
2. Your Soul Prospers
3. Loving God Unconditionally
4. Loving God Above All Else

Chapter 8. The Faith To Please God

1. The Fifth Level Of Faith
2. The Faith To Sacrifice One’s Own Life
3. The Faith To Manifest Wonders And Signs
4. Being Faithful In All God’s House

Chapter 9. Signs Accompanying Those Who Have Believed

1. Casting Out Demons
2. Speaking With New Tongues
3. Picking Up Serpents With Your Hands
4. No Deadly Poison Hurts You At All
5. The Sick Are Healed With Your Hands On Them

Chapter 10. Different Heavenly Dwelling Places And Crowns

1. Heaven Possessed Only By Faith
2. Heaven Has Suffered Violence
3. Different Dwelling Places And Crowns

Additional Info
This is the final description of the essence of faith and the secrets of the growth of faith! This book reveals deeps secrets of faith that open the gates of Heaven.

“The kingdom of heaven is divided into several places such as Paradise, the First Kingdom, the Second Kingdom, and the Third Kingdom in which there is New Jerusalem.”

Today, there are many people who claim to believe but are not certain of their salvation. They do not know of a measure of faith and how great faith they should have to receive salvation. In accordance with the teachings of the Word, The Measure of Faith elucidates five levels of faith and different kingdoms of heaven, and helps the reader measure the level of his or her own faith. The measure of faith and the dwelling places in the heavenly kingdom may be divided into more five levels, and this work elaborates on them in five levels to help readers understand more easily.

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Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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