Memories Of Lasting Shadows


It has been forty years since the United States of America abolished abortion. The long debate, which brought so much division and discord, was finally brought to an end, and two generations of citizens have reached maturity in this new normal.

United States Senator Benjamin Pettus was alive when choice was the law of the land. A doctor by profession, over the past several years, he has struggled to preserve a sweeping federal healthcare law he helped create.

Roberta Sheridan was born and raised in a world where terminating an unborn child is both illegal and unthinkable. A devout Christian and principled journalist, Roberta is about to discover that the past is never truly gone.

Memories of Lasting Shadows takes readers into a vision of the future, where a nation comes to terms with its dark past and struggles to determine its present. A political thriller, the story navigates the D.C. area’s partisanship, oratories, protests, and Beltway maneuvering which come together to forge a vast industry of ideological conflict.


SKU (ISBN): 9781649600790
Michael Gryboski
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Ambassador-Emerald International

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