Mit LIV Min Tro 2 – (Other Language)


Chapter 1. As The Ground Hardens After The Rain
1. After Sowing Seeds Of Faith
2. A Church Established In Japan Through Blessing Of Conception
3. Enlarging The Overseas Mission
4. Lives Turn From Despair Into Hope
5. Preaching Tight Budget Before IMF
6. The Fifteenth Anniversary Of The Church
7. God Wants The Wheat

Chapter 2. To Whom Should We Listen? -Beginning Of Three Tests
1. God Showed Things To Come
2. Spiritual Realm Opened
3. Praying With Tears For Those Who Betrayed And Caused Damage
4. The Beginning Of The First Test
5. Providence In Having Healing Revivals
6. God Trained The Members To Wash Their Robes

Chapter 3. What Kind Of Mind Did Jesus Have While Climbing Golgotha With The Cross?
1. Beginning Of The Third Test
2. Emphasis On Keeping The Law
3. An Honest Citizen Lost His Job
4. God’s Works Take Place Without Change
5. Story About Las Vegas
6. ‘Shepherd’ Is A Biblical Expression
7. Misunderstandings Concerning The Ministry Being One With The Holy Spirit
8. The Bible Is Full Of Wonderfully Mysterious Things
9. Illegal Video With Hidden Cameras
10. Application For Objection Report

Chapter 4. If I Can Just Fulfill God’s Will
1. Once I Received Grace
2. Power Upon Power
3. The Four Levels Of Power Of God Who Is Light
4. The Story About A Girl In Pakistan Named Cynthia
5. The Most High Power Of Creation
6. New Millennium Began With A Great Sign
7. Mountain Prayer And Risking My Life
8. Prophecy About North Korea

Chapter 5. As The Water Covers The Sea
1. Beginning Of Overseas Missions In Full Scale
2. Ten Deaf-Mute Were Healed In The Nagoya Crusade
3. I Left For Pakistan With The Spirit Of Martyrdom
4. Power Of God Reviving The Dead
5. Lectures On Genesis And Wonders
6. Handkerchief Crusade In Indonesia
7. Works Of The Holy Spirit Shaking Uhuru Park
8. Reviving The Dead Roots Of Hair
9. Beginning Of The Most High Power Of Creation
10. Prophecies On World Situations

Chapter 6. Only By The Name Of Jesus Christ
1. Even With Torn Hands
2. Towards The Goal
3. Healed Of Nose Cancer By Shaking Hands
4. Healed Of Cancer Through Handkerchief Prayer
5. The Earnest Cry
6. Rapid And Strong Whirlwind Of The Holy Spirit
7. New Dimension Of Power
8. Fruit Of The Blood Of Martyrdom Of Thomas

Additional Info
“Because the church members are seeing the spiritual realm, I will be condemned as a heretic. There will be a great test. But because it’s the will of God to see the spiritual realm, I have no other choice but to go the way we are going.”

My Life, My Faith II is composed of previously published memoirs that have been put together for this book. In this part II of his autobiography, Dr. Jaerock Lee discusses events that he has experienced as a minister. Through his prayers, he has seen miraculous healings.
Dr. Lee has also had to experience the pain of being slandered and attacked. Praying for his accusers and suffering from the betrayal of some who were close to him, he managed to overcome the pain. His words and actions show that he is a man that is led by the Holy Spirit.

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Jaerock Lee
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2018
Publisher: Urim Books USA

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