Momentum : 77 Observations Toward A Life Well Lived


Are you ready to become the hero of your own life? How do we reinvigorate our days when nothing seems to be working? It can be anything, a job that doesn’t inspire, lack of ambition, or even a relationship gone awry. Getting back on the right track is precarious, but the essential element in starting this process is Momentum. Mark Bravo’s Momentum: 77 Observations Toward A Life Well Lived will help you stay focused and turn this key component for bettering life into a way of life. Through his experiences and those of others Bravo offers practices to put to use today, like the mindset to turn adversity into an asset, how to pursue a ‘kinder, gentler’ treatment of yourself and others, and putting your ‘signature’ on life, no matter the circumstances. In effect, ceasing to be the victim, but being in control of your own destiny. Bravo’s courageous and poignant insights will inspire you to see the proverbial glass not half-empty, but ‘three-quarters-full.’ It thus becomes your template to filling your years with that most pivotal of traits: Momentum!


SKU (ISBN): 9781617774607
Mark Bravo
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2010
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises


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