Monogram Of The Beast


This book solves the great mystery regarding the mark of the Beast. The Hammer and Sickle is the mark, and is a monogram of the number 616 in Hebrew letters of the alphabet (tav, resh, tet, and zayin) and in Greek letters of the alphabet (chi, iota, digamma/waw), in obverse and reverse respectively. .

The book is an interpretation of Daniel and Revelation, focusing in particular upon the mark of the Beast and its solution, comparable in some ways to a commentary on these two books. .

The number of the Beast is 616, not 666.

The mark (a hammer and sickle) represents the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government (of the Russian Soviet Republic).

The book interprets Islam as Babylon the Great, and modern Israel as the Second Beast.

There are 36 chapters, subdivided into 11 parts:

Part One: The Beast: the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government of the Russian Soviet Republic

Part Two: The Name of the Beast: the Workers’ and Peasants’ Government

Part Three: The Hammer and Sickle: the Number of the Name of the Beast

Part Four: Soviet Long-range Deception Strategy

Part Five: Marxism and Satanism

Part Six: Marxist Perversion of Christianity

Part Seven: Contemporary War on Christianity in West

Part Eight: Satanic and Occult Symbolism of the Red Star and Soviet emblem

Part Nine: The Seventy Weeks of Daniel

Part Ten: Islam: Mystery Babylon the Great

Part Eleven: The Second Beast: Israel and the false prophet

This book is essential reading for anyone who wishes to discover the identity of the
Beast, the Second Beast, and Babylon the Great.

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Nicholas Brand
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
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