Moving Mountains : Breaking Barriers To Unleash Your Full Potential


Access God’s Unlimited Power // Unlock Your Unlimited Possibilities

The Bible is filled with average, ordinary people who were called to do extraordinary
things. They weren’t qualified in skill or perfect in performance. Yet, God placed a
dream, a vision, a promise within them, driving them to press through their obstacles
and move mountains of adversity. God qualified them, and He has qualified you!

In Moving Mountains, Kevin Stevens shows you how to identify and move the obstacles
that challenge you from reaching your full potential and fulfilling your destiny.
What do mountain movers look like?

They trust in God’s unlimited power and strength instead of solely relying on human
skill and ability.

They are not moved by life’s circumstances; instead, they move circumstances.They remain grounded in God’s promises, no matter how great the obstacles oradversity.

Learn how to take your place among the great mountain movers of Scripture and history! It all starts with a Great Exchange. Exchange your weakness and inability for God’s mountain-moving strength.


SKU (ISBN): 9780768410235
Kevin Stevens
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: Destiny Image

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