My Daily Bread


My Daily Bread is a series of short, daily reflections on the spiritual life. Written with loving care by Father Anthony Paone, this devotional will strengthen your love for Christ and his teachings.

Written as a dialogue with Christ himself, Father Paone leads the reader through the three ways of the spiritual life: Purification, Imitation, and Union.
Arranged for daily reflection this indispensable guide to the spiritual life is now in a FULL SIZE version! My Daily Bread overflows with reflections and prayers specifically designed to help you grow in the spiritual life and overcome failings, including:

– How to cultivate, recognize, and follow your conscience
– A contemplation of the Four Last Things that will help keep our focus on the eternal
– The power of prayer as the first remedy to temptation
– A detailed guide on how to conquer a host of bad habits
– How to overcome our fear of suffering and instead embrace it as Christ embraced it
– How to live for Christ daily through spiritual reading, prayer, overcoming distractions, and cultivating devotions
– Achieving union with Christ through the Eucharist
– And much more…

Each daily reflection begins with Jesus speaking directly to you, kindly, patiently, and with great love. The next part of the reflection asks you to consider the truths presented in the words of Jesus. The final part consists of a prayer asking for God for the help to receive His wisdom and use it fruitfully in your life.


SKU (ISBN): 9781618907721
Anthony Paone
Binding: Imitation Leather
Published: 2017
Publisher: Tan Books


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