My Grandpa : In His Own Words Interview Journal


Discover his stories, share his life, and create a lasting keepsake together.

Within each family lies a treasure of memories and experiences. Things that define who Grandpa is. That reflect the love he shares. Discover together the stories he holds close to his heart with these pages, filled with meaningful questions to answer. Once written, these stories will create a priceless keepsake for the whole family.

Grandpa, your life is a gift.
You hold within you a story that only you can share. Use these pages to fill with your one-of-a-kind memories whether it s a special moment from your childhood, an unforgettable adventure, or a piece of advice to share. Speak from the heart, in your own words-it doesn’t need to be formal or complex. Because when you are finished, you will create a gift that will be loved for generations.


SKU (ISBN): 9781943200450
Miriam Hathaway
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 1981
Publisher: APG Sales and Distribution


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