Overplayed : A Parents Guide To Sanity In The World Of Youth Sports


Introduction: Why This Book?
Myth #1: Because We Owe Our Children Every Opportunity, We Can’t Say No To Youth Sports
Myth #2: My Child Deserves To Play With The Most Skilled Athletes
Myth #3: My Child Should Specialize In One Sport
Myth #4: There’s No Harm In Participating In Youth Sports
Myth #5: Youth Sports Instills Our Family’s Values
Myth #6: Good Parents Attend All Their Children’s Games
Myth #7: The Money We Are Investing Into Youth Sports Will Pay Off
Conclusion: How Do We Talk To Our Kids About Sports?
Bonus Tips And Resources For Coaches, Parents, And Churches
The Authors

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Should I sign up our seven-year-old son for the travel team? What should we do about our daughter’s Sunday morning games? Am I the only one longing for a sane balance between children’s sports, family time, and church commitments?

David King and Margot Starbuck offer good news for Christian parents stressed out by these questions and stretched thin by the demands of competitive youth sports. Join King, athletic director at a Christian university, and Starbuck, an award-winning author and speaker, as they investigate seven myths about what’s best for young athletes. Discover with them what it means to not be conformed to the patterns of the youth sports world. Listen in as they talk to other parents, pastors, and coaches about the peril and promise of children’s sports. Learn practical ways to set boundaries and help kids gain healthy identities as beloved children of God-both on and off the field, and whether they win or lose.

Equips parents with concrete tips such as:

Eight questions to discuss on the way home from the game
Five ways to ruin your child’s sports experience
Dinnertime conversation starters about your family’s values
The one question you can’t not ask your child about youth sports

Key Features:

Challenges seven common myths about youth sports
Offers wisdom for families on decisions such as choosing leagues and how many seasons to play
Author Q&As address parents’ common concerns about youth sports
Bonus tips and resources for parents, coaches, and pastors

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SKU (ISBN): 9780836199727
ISBN10: 0836199723
David King | Margot Starbuck
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2016
Publisher: Herald Press/MennoMedia


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