Parents Guide To Understanding Teenage Brains


1. Why Do Parents Need To Understand Teenage Brains?
2. The Point Of Parenting Teenagers (and What Their Brains Have To Do With It)
3. Hello, Absraction!
4. The Trickle-Down Effect Of Abstract Thinking (or, Why Teenagers Act The Way They Do)
5. We Were Wrong! (new Discoveries About Teenage Brains)

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It’s often tough to understand why teenagers do what they do. One moment they’re calm and rational, but the next they’re agitated and emotional. One day they’re making incredibly wise choices, but the next they’re making disastrous mistakes. Yesterday they earned your trust, but today it seems they’ve lost it once again.

Why such inconsistency? Credit their brains.

A Parent’s Guide to Understanding Teenage Brains is filled with helpful, practical insights from veteran youth worker Mark Oestreicher.

Without an understanding of teenage brain development, we might miss life’s teachable moments or shut down our child’s curiosity with easy answers that don’t satisfy the search for truth happening below the surface.

That’s why Marko has written this book: to guide you through the world of the teenage brain, to help you understand and appreciate the amazing transformations it undergoes in adolescence to prepare children for adulthood and its many responsibilities.


SKU (ISBN): 9780764484612
Mark Oestreicher
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Simply For Parents
Publisher: Group Publishing


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