Peter : Bold Disciple


When Peter left his trade as a fisherman to become a fisher of men, he saw and experienced unimaginable events. In this book, follow Peter through his personal encounters with his leader, Jesus, and in his spiritual journey through the New Testament-walking on water, following Jesus to his suffering and death, disowning the Savior before the rooster crowed three times, running to the empty tomb on Easter morning, seeing the resurrected Savior while fishing on the Sea of Galilee, experiencing Pentecost, and more. But Peter’s story did not end with Pentecost. It was then that he learned of his new mission as a follower of Jesus: He was a man on a mission–a man with a message. He, Peter, was the boldest of the Lord’s disciples. It was his calling to be a confessor of the faith . This is our mission too.


SKU (ISBN): 9780810013476
Stephen Luchterhand
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2006
Gods People
Publisher: Northwestern Publishing House


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