Pocket Guide To Sainthood


We name our cities, hospitals, and churches after them. We flock to shrines bearing their remains. We ask for their help when we lose our keys. Who are these saints, what made them so holy, and what in the world are those birds doing on St. Francis’s shoulder?

Jason Boyett’s Pocket Guide to Sainthood takes an intriguing and unflinching look at the fascinating-and fascinatingly weird-lives of the saints. Whether you are a Catholic desperately needing a patron, or a Protestant trying to identify your cabbie’s bobblehead, this may be as close as you ever come to true holiness. Make the most of it by learning

*How St. Denis delivered his best sermon while holding his own decapitated head
*Why both hair shirts and nakedness are mainstays of saintly fashion

*Which saints are the patrons of bowel disorders, serial killers, and other useful categories

*What is involved in the canonization process, should you get so lucky?or martyred

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SKU (ISBN): 9780470373101
Jason Boyett
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2009
Publisher: Jossey-Bass, Inc./Wiley

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