Practical And Indispensable Pastors Handbook


Could you please teach your students to do what pastors actually do?

Such was the question many ministry leaders asked Brian A. Ross after his transition from a lead pastor to a full-time seminary professor. The Practical (And Indispensable!) Pastor’s Handbook: Exploring What You Actually Need to Do as A 21st-Century Minister is Ross’ answer.

Being a pastor encompasses far more than theology and scripture, despite how important that knowledge is. A pastor is responsible for leading a church, including everything from welcoming new members and prayerfully constructing sermons that speak to the congregation’s heart to managing the budget and staying ahead of potential legal pitfalls. Leadership, delegation, teamwork, and organization are all tools in the pastor’s toolbox, along with planning just about everything well in advance. Divine duty or mundane practicality, the pastor is responsible for seeing it done.

The Practical (And Indispensable!) Pastor’s Handbook presents Ross’ guidelines and tips for new solo and senior pastors on a wide variety of topics, including a manual of do/don’t and why generated from his studies, observations, and personal experience. While there is, as he says, no right way to minister, his handbook has brought benefit and fresh insight to both students and veterans alike.

Enlightening topics include:

– Handling Sundays

– Handling Leadership

– Handling Ministries

– Handling Pastoral And Self-Care


SKU (ISBN): 9780788029523
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: CSS Publishing

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