Preaching In Two Voices


Preaching in Two Voices presents a collection of challenging sermons that combine the scriptural insights of a successful woman pastor who raises questions about the inclusiveness of the church and of a prominent male pastor with uplook visions for the future of women.

These 16 thought-provoking sermons feature eight women whose roles in Jesus’ life are not often highlighted from the pulpit. Each woman’s story is discussed from two perspectives. Dr. Johnson Cook brings to her messages very personal interpretations, seeing in the lives of these women reflections of her own struggle to answer God’s call despite overwhelming prejudice. Dr. Watley explores how the faith journeys of these biblical women offer inspiration and encouragement for all Christians seeking to follow Jesus amid the turmoil of contemporary life.

Both authors speak as one in their concern for African American women newly emerging from the constraints of the past. In these sensitive profiles of faith, pastors will find fresh sermon ideas that speak eloquently to the needs of both women and men.


SKU (ISBN): 9780817011734
William Watley | Suzanne Cook
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 1992
Publisher: Judson Press


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