Price Of Second Chances


Have you ever felt the gut-wrenching panic that comes from being the victim of malicious intent? Unfortunately, author Johnny Walker has experienced firsthand such to such life-altering events. This chilling true account of betrayal will speak to any business-minded individual. On the recommendation of a trusted friend, Johnny Walker gave an ex-convict a second chance. It was a second chance at rejoining the work force;, a second chance at becoming a productive member of societya second chance at life. He gave him a steady job, helped him buy a home, and then trusted him with the finances of his business. As most con-men are, Charles was seamless in his deceit. He invaded Johnny’s life, gained his trust, and then slowly started to steal money from him. By the time Johnny saw him for the man he was, it was too late. Find out The Price of Second Chances. She has endured miscarriages, dealt with multiple sclerosis, and had a husband who was an alcoholic that verbally abused her. We all have a void in this life until we come to know the one who can fill the void and make us whole. If your world seems hopeless and out of control, a positive attitude knowing God is ultimately in control and will see you through one day a time. Tough circumstances will come your way, but always remember there is a loving father who gives you Hope to be Healed.


SKU (ISBN): 9781616635879
Johnny Walker
Binding: Perfect
Published: 2010
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises


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