Reconcile : Conflict Transformation For Ordinary Christians


What if reconciliation is central to the biblical message? And what if Christians, who have been missing the mark for millennia, are waking up to the reconciling mission of God? Reconcile: Conflict Transformation for Ordinary Christians by international mediator John Paul Lederach serves as a guidebook for Christians seeking a scriptural view of reconciliation and practical steps for transforming conflict. Originally published as The Journey toward Reconciliation, this revised and updated book tells dramatic stories of what works-and what doesn’t-in deeply rooted conflicts between individuals and groups. Lederach leads readers through stories of conflict and reconciliation in Scripture, using these stories as anchors for peacemaking strategies that Christians can put into practice in families and churches. He also offers new lenses through which to view conflict, whether congregational conflicts or global terrorism. A section of resources offers tools for understanding interpersonal, church, and global conflict, prayers and worship resources, discussion questions, resource lists for further study, and invitations to actions in everyday life.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780836199031
ISBN10: 0836199030
John Lederach
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2014
Publisher: Herald Press/MennoMedia


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