Redeemed : Our Lives As Sinners And Saints


Have you ever felt like you really messed up? Something so bad that no one could ever forgive you for it? Or maybe you’ve felt as if you’re not good enough or “too broken.” These are all things people feel, sometimes even daily. But know that there is one person who loves you through it all: God. Still sitting in disbelief. Well, God has given examples of people who have been forgiven in the Bible for you to take heart in. This book works through several biblical figures’ stories to unravel how God repaired and restored these people while also bringing meaning and purpose to their lives. You can see how through God’s Word and Sacraments, along with the support of your church, friends, family, and other external and internal sources, you can find your way back to God and see His unconditional forgiveness.
Topics include: Broken Relationships, Distrust, Doubt, Fear, Impatience, Pride, Rebelliousness, Revenge, Vanity, and more.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780758669926
Dan Hoppen
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Concordia Publishing House


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