Rediscovering Humility : Why The Way Up Is Down


Most people think humility is a good virtue to have… especially in someone else! And while it’s never been a particularly popular Christian value compared to ones like love and patience, in Rediscovering Humility, author Christopher Hutchinson argues humility should be the central goal of the Christian life, and the best way we can grow to be more like Jesus. Humble Christians create healthy churches, but in today’s world of celebrity pastors and widening platforms, our churches are more than ever imitating the the prideful methodologies of our culture. Through his critiques, Hutchinson also offers suggestions for how Christians can better practice and promote humility in our time.

Offering a fresh and updated application of humility to our day, Hutchinson calls for a return to the path of humility as the one pilgrimage most necessary for Christian faith and life. By showing humility in in all its truth, beauty and goodness, it becomes a value worth seeking – if never fully found – on this side of heaven. By explicitly addressing what humility ought to look like both in our individual lives and corporately as the church, Rediscovering Humility offers readers a path forward not just in personal piety, but for how we can all be humble together.

A systematic and comprehensive treatment of humility that is structured around the three times Jesus addresses in the Bible – how it is found, embraced and applied – Rediscovering Humility should be required reading for all seminary students so they can understand the pitfalls of leadership before they begin to pastor. Current pastors and church leaders will find Hutchinson’s critiques and suggestions helpful as they seek to create more humble and healthy churches. Individuals who have lost an appreciation for humility as a central Christian virtue will be reminded of its value as the best way to grow closer to and more like Jesus.


SKU (ISBN): 9781945270963
Christopher Hutchinson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: New Growth Press


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