Return To Sonship


Sonship is the exclusive relationship between God and His children. From God’s perspective, this relationship was, is and will always be second to none. Biblical Sonship has to do with position, and not gender; it is a distinct place of privilege that God ordained for his entire family (male and female) on the earth. A greater knowledge of our Sonship with God leads to a richer understanding of the value of our position, purpose, place and destiny-both with God and in creation. Recognizing our true relationship with God, and our awareness of our rule in the earth, leads to a mindset shift that enables the children of God to glorify Him to the fullest, by walking in all of the privileges, power, rights and responsibilities inherent as the children of God.


SKU (ISBN): 9781943852123
Stacy Hilliard
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2015
Publisher: True Potential

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