Satan Is A Socialist


Satan a Socialist-Really?

Conspiracy Theory or Fundamental Truth of the Ages

Satan Is a Socialist stirs up a lot of social, political, and spiritual questions such as:

*What are the real differences between free enterprise and socialism?
*Just how important are the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution?
*What is the real cause of today’s turmoil in the streets and homes?
*What does the Bible say about socialism/communism?

Dr. Jennifer B. Clark and her husband Dr. Dennis L. Clark take on this declaration that Satan is a socialist with forthright answers and bone-chilling conclusions that every citizen needs to know. Satan Is a Socialist will surely generate riots of souls and protests of spirits in all who care about their country.

Topics in this book include:

*Freedom and Free Enterprise
*Satan and the Savior
*Wealth and Poverty
*Politics and Power

Satan is a Socialist explores deeply the foundation of the United States of America and presents biblical and historical facts, truths, and common sense that are seldom seen or heard on any media outlet.

The authors profoundly and rightly proclaim: America’s brilliant Founders judged politics and governments according to freedom. Tyranny was cruel and oppressive while anarchy was violent and unstable. One was total law, the other was no law. They realized that true freedom reflects a balanced center, where citizens could live in the most freedom possible-yet within an ordered and stable society, sliding neither into tyranny or anarchy. Thomas Jefferson called this balanced center People’s Law.

Brace yourself for the reality of life on the brink of a whole new worldview-up close and personal.


SKU (ISBN): 9780768459746
Jennifer Clark | Dennis Clark
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2021
Publisher: Destiny Image


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