Standard Setters : How To Become God’s Person Of Influence


Danette Crawford Ministries

God is looking for those who will set a standard in His kingdom- He’s calling for those who will be standard setters in their generation. Before you say, Who, me? I’m not qualified, read this book! The Standard Setters will serve as your road map to your personal palace of God’s divine favor, promotion, and blessing!

In the Bible, Esther is a perfect example of a standard setter. Yet her promotion to the palace, and the position of queen, was not based on looks, talent, wealth, or pedigree. Esther qualified to be queen because she was a standard setter- an individual with exemplary character and uncompromising integrity.

Like Esther, you, too, can be promoted to your palace position, if you’ll only answer the call to set a standard in your generation.
The Standard Setters will equip you with keys to:

-Prepare for your place of honor
-Fine-tune your focus
-Reveal your true beauty
-Stand on the truth without wavering
-Discover biblical methods of influencing others for good

God is calling all Esthers- young and old, male and female- to report to the palace. Will you answer His call?


SKU (ISBN): 9780768415025
Danette Crawford
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2017
Publisher: Anchor Distributors


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