StoryChanger : How God Rewrites Our Story By Inviting Us Into His


How Jesus Changes Our Story with His Story

Each person’s life tells a story. These stories have happy chapters, sad chapters, boring chapters, and exciting chapters. Some people seem to author their own stories, while others have the pens snatched from their hands. Some stories feel hopeless. Can our stories ever be rewritten? Will they have a happy ending?

David Murray introduces readers to the StoryChanger, Jesus Christ–the only one who can rewrite human stories with his better Story. Both Christians and non-Christians will discover how God’s Story can transform their own messy stories into stories worth telling.

Brief and Accessible: Easy to recommend to both non-Christians and new Christians

Biblical: Tells the first story of God’s good and beautiful creation, how sin and Satan–the StoryShredder–ruined human stories, and how Jesus rewrites and redeems those stories.

Personal: Shares Murray’s testimony of how God changed his story and points readers toward specific ways Jesus can change their stories as well

For Individual or Group Study: Includes questions for further reflection or discussion at the end of each chapter


SKU (ISBN): 9781433580857
David Murray
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2022
Publisher: Crossway Books/ Good News Publishers


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