Submission Is Not Silence


Submission is Not Silence was informative to me, especially the beautiful examples how wives are to reflect the essence of the Holy Spirit. Memories and imagination were lit up: the book soared! The author’s well rounded Biblical knowledge, respect for the proper application of the Word, and kind approach to this subject, which can be alarming to some but comforting to the Christian women who have been hammered with it, are beautifully done. The fact that the author has lived out the application of all these things, and has seen change and success, is a powerful confirmation of these concepts. Judy Windermere, FL It never was God’s intent for women to be subjected to a second class level of citizenship or to endure any measure of social oppression. Submission Is Not Silence brings this point to light and explains the role of women as outlined in the Bible. Lizzie Julin’s message to women is both liberating and life-affirming, and will be of great benefit to every woman who has struggled with the matter of submission. Further, some myopic men may experience the figurative scales falling from their eyes as a result of having read the book, as their significant others challenge and encourage them to reconcile faulty, tradition-based thinking to the truth of God’s Word.


SKU (ISBN): 9781612155425
Elisabeth Julin
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2011
Publisher: Xulon Press

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