Success Is Within You


Have you given up on your dreams? Do you feel trapped in your present existence? Author Michael W. Jackson invites you to awaken to the truth that you can be, do, and have more than you think is possible for you right now. It all comes down to how you think. If you think positive thoughts, the universe will return positive results to you. Think negatively and you will yield negative results. Change the way you think about yourself, and you can live a life limited only by the capacity of your own imagination. Everything you need to be all you can imagine already resides within you. If you feel that your life is not as it should be, it is because somewhere along the way, you lost sight of your true nature. Success Is Within You will help you to find your true nature once again and understand the better side of yourself. If you can learn to look inside and see this most beautiful, divine inner self, then you can view the universe around you and see its infinite capacity to bless you. This is true success and the kind of success you deserve to experience. Michael W. Jackson is a scientist and lives in Los Angeles, California.


SKU (ISBN): 9781617776700
Michael Jackson
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2010
Publisher: Tate Publishing & Enterprises


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