Swords Of Silence


In Hizen Province, Father Joaquim Martinez has been quietly tending to the life of his village – but his faith is about to be tested.

When the country’s military dictator – the Shogun – outlaws Martinez’s religion, his and the villagers’ lives are thrown into turmoil.

Where once new ideas and beliefs had been accepted – with European Jesuits welcoming more than 100,000 converts into the Catholic faith – now the nation is shutting itself off from outside influences. Those who won’t recant or accept banishment face a sentence of death.

With the threat of a massacre looming, and the Shogun’s Samurai closing in, Father Martinez must decide if he’s willing to risk everything for the villagers he’s come to think of as family.


SKU (ISBN): 9780310101307
Shaun Curry
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Swords Of Fire Trilogy # 1
Publisher: Harper Inspire – HarperCollins Christian Publishin


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