Swordsman : Under The Blood Moon


3rd EDITION Originally penned nearly 30 years ago and first printed in 1987, the Christian fiction novel SWORDSMAN spoke of a future time when . . . Yet another war in the Middle East has destroyed much of the world’s oil supply. This, coupled with disease and contamination, has brought the world to the rim of extinction. In America, international troops have forced the remaining population away from the cold and contamination in the North and into a teeming urban environment in the South. World leaders are forced to conclude that there are several keys to humanity’s survival. They must: 1) Eliminate competing monetary systems and move to a cashless society where no one’s identity can be forged or stolen. A microchip embedded beneath the skin becomes the official solution. 2) Slow the depletion of revenue and manpower used in caring for an aging populace. A medical procedure insures the elderly are “useful” in performing menial tasks. 3) Limit the general population’s communication, food, and transportation in order to conserve precious resources. 4) Prevent travel into the uncontrolled northern regions of North America (and other “zero population zones” established around the world). 5) Be certain both the government’s message and its surveillance are everywhere Central to the success of this plan is the need to level the ground of all “exclusive” ideologies and religions. Are all faiths one, or is there only one faith? Does the enforcement of this plan bring peace and safety, or does it create a growing, world-wide thirst for an ultimate savior? As millions weigh their rapidly evaporating choices, a man known as Swordsman dares to publicly declare truth. Regardless of your thoughts on the “end times,” SWORDSMAN will challenge you to consider the focus of your hope, and ask yourself if you have faith that endures. This book isn’t about when Christians leave . . . it’s about how they live. SWORDSMAN is Book 3 in the Fellowship of the Mystery trilogy.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781946549013
ISBN10: 1946549010
Terry Craig
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2017
Fellowship Of The Mystery Trilogy # 3
Publisher: Wild Flower Press, Inc.

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