Table Life : An Invitation To Everyday Discipleship


Eating with others is holy work. That theological conviction inspires a compelling invitation to everyday discipleship that is centered around shared meals. A life shaped by the table is one shaped by community, pastor and author Greg Mamula argues. We share common dishes, and the narrative of our lives begins to intertwine as we listen to our tablemates’ stories and tell our own in turn. This new book presents a uniquely holistic approach to table fellowship as a spiritual discipline. Many table fellowship resources begin and end at the table, and many spiritual discipline resources limit the theological significance of the table to the Eucharist, led by clergy. Table Life is an intentional and interactive process of reflection and action, meals and mission, listening and storytelling, scripture and perspective, communion and neighboring. These disciplines connect the individual with Christ, the local church, their neighborhood, and their community contexts. Discover how participating in the spiritual disciplines of eating together, listening, storytelling, scripture reading, and communion in the context of a community you begin to be shaped into people who recognize and celebrate the presence of Christ in every aspect of life.


SKU (ISBN): 9780817018153
Greg Mamula
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2020
Publisher: Judson Press


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