Twirl : A Fresh Spin At Life (Unabridged)


Is life making you so dizzy that you’re forgetting what’s most important?

Patsy Clairmont loves a good twirl. The kind that will make a child fall to the ground, squeal with laughter, and then want to get up and spin in circles some more! However, there is a twirl where busy schedules and urgency create a different and unwanted variety of dizzy into our lives.

Though hurry-up is part of the human dilemma and certain seasons bring more of it than others, if it becomes a lifestyle you might find yourself on the slippery slopes of bitterness, sadness, and depression. Patsy’s hope is to help her listeners maintain a dynamic view on life-with activities and choices that lead to renewal and peace. So take a little stroll with Patsy Clairmont through Twirl, and allow her unique perspective and deep well of biblical wisdom to realign your spin on life.


SKU (ISBN): 9781613755860
Patsy Clairmont | Narrator: Patsy Clairmont
Binding: Audio CD
Published: 2014
Publisher: Oasis Audio


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