Ungers Commentary On The Gospels


Unger’s Commentary on the Gospels is a brand new, never-published edition of the observations and teachings of Dr. Merrill Unger on the New Testament Gospels.Included in this volume is a book introduction for each of the four gospels and a thorough verse-by-verse commentary on this New Testament group of books.The constant thought on Unger’s mind was teaching and explaining the Scriptures. Former Dallas Theological Seminary president John F. Walvoord, in his own biography, writes about Dr. Unger:He was an incessant writer and was extremely capable as a wordsmith. When traveling on a cross-country automobile trip, he often wrote in a notepad on his lap while his wife drove. The story is also told that when he stood in line waiting to get a ticket at the airline counter, he jotted down ideas for anew book (Blessed Hope, AMG Publishers).Just as he did in the classroom for over twenty years, Dr. Unger pours his heart and soul into teaching the Word. As one student said, he had a way of “being absorbed in the verses but then lifting the students into the heavens as to what the Lord was telling us in the words of the text.” Inside these pagesis a collection of the observations and teachings of one of the finest Bible scholars of the twentieth century.


SKU (ISBN): 9780899576305
Merrill Unger
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2014
Publisher: AMG Publishers


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