Vie De Desobeissance Et Vie DO – (Other Language)


On Life Of Disobedience

Chapter 1. Ten Plagues Inflicted Upon Egypt

Chapter 2. Life Of Disobedience And Plagues

Chapter 3. Plagues Of Blood, Frogs, And Gnats

Chapter 4. Plagues Of Flies, Pestilence, And Boils

Chapter 5. Plagues Of Hails And Locusts

Chapter 6. Plagues Of Darkness And Death Of The Firstborn

On Life Of Obedience

Chapter 7. Passover And Way Of Salvation

Chapter 8. Circumcision And Holy Communion

Chapter 9. Exodus And The Feast Of Unleavened Bread

Chapter 10. Life Of Obedience And Blessings

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“Spiritually eating unleavened bread means to forsake the world and take the narrow way. After we accept Jesus Christ, we have to lower ourselves and go the narrow way to reach complete salvation with humble hearts.”

In this book are portrayed, in contrast, the life of Pharaoh, who disobeyed the word of God, and the life of Moses who led a life of obedience. It also contains the love of God who with His limitless compassion lets us know the way of salvation through the celebration of Passover, the law of circumcision, and the meaning of the Feast of Unleavened Bread. Pharaoh witnessed the power of God but still disobeyed Him, and he fell into an irreversible state. But the Israelites were safe from all disasters because they obeyed.
The reason why God tells us about the Ten Plagues is to let us realize why tests and trials come upon us, so that we can solve all the problems of life and lead a life free of any disaster. Furthermore, by telling us about the blessings that will come upon us when we obey, He wants us to possess the heavenly kingdom as His children.

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Jaerock Lee
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Published: March 2018
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