Wait Is This Racist


Wait-Is This Racist? offers a “be-it-yourself” guide to anti-racism for churches by examining all operations of church life so that churches and church leaders can create a workable action plan to truly become more justice-oriented organizations.

A “Be-It-Yourself” Guide to Anti-racism for Churches and Church Leaders

Whether you have been an ally for years or just recently opened your eyes to racial injustice, guiding your predominantly white church toward anti-racism is a daunting task. Where do you even begin? White churches especially feel an urgency to respond but at the same time suffer a sense of overwhelmingness and futility, as if no one action, sermon series, or service project will solve the problem of racism in America. And they’re right. Instead, we must begin to look deeply at our organizations-our traditions, our ministries, our leadership, our ways of making decisions, our ways of interacting with the world beyond the church-to identify and address implicit biases and to discover how white pseudo-supremacy has been encoded into our way of “doing church.”

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SKU (ISBN): 9780664267506
ISBN10: 0664267505
Kerry Connelly | Bryana Clover | Josh Riddick
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2022
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press

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