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Walking with Jesus is a collection of 32 sermons from the Gospel of Matthew. All the sermons in this book are based, at least in part, on texts from the first Gospel, though not all the sermons I preached from Matthew are in this book. The sequence of the sermons here follow the order of the biblical texts. The sermons were preached in Navy chapels and civilian churches over a period of many years, as internal references to events of the times will suggest. Though all were written in full, they were written to be heard (in public) rather than read (in private). The publication of this book and its “colleagues” is an effort at Christian stewardship. Like most preachers, I spent thousands of hours over a number of decades researching and preparing sermons. What came out of that effort may still be of value to others who are even now proclaiming the good news of our faith. I hope you will find something to inspire, inform or perhaps intrigue you, as the work of so many others did me as I worked to put sermons together for God’s people in my care. The full biblical text for each sermon has been provided in the book either before or within the sermon, as a convenience to you. The different versions of the Bible used in the book reflect the particular preferences of the various congregations I served. The footnotes you will find throughout are a later addition, for your benefit. When actually quoting scripture, I have included the version used. When I paraphrased (which I seemed to have done a good deal of), or merely alluded to a passage, no version is provided in the footnote. I have also given scriptural citations for ideas or assertions in the sermons that are based on biblical authority. Several sermons are based on the same passage. This is to be expected when one has followed the Revised Common Lectionary for many (though not all) years in the preaching process. I have provided indices at the end that should help the Bible student “navigate” the book more comfortably and profitably. I have appreciated such “helps” (when they existed) in the books of sermons I have consulted over the years. I hope they will be of benefit to you. And I hope and pray that something in these pages will make the time you spend here a blessing to you and will enhance your ability to walk with Jesus.

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Al Hill
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Published: May 2018
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