What Happens When Young Women Say Yes To God


Your Journey to Extraordinary Starts with One Word-Yes

If you have a desire deep inside your heart to be someone special and do amazing things, you are not alone.

Lysa TerKeurst and her daughter, Hope, have felt that hunger too, and they’ve learned that only God can satisfy the craving to go beyond just making it through the day. Why? Because God is the one who created that need inside of you and He’s using it to draw you closer to Him.

As you begin your journey to extraordinary, this book will help you
*overcome your fear of saying yes to God by focusing on the life-changing results of obeying Him
*get past your need for perfection by giving all your cares and worries to God
*stop stressing about change by embracing God’s purpose and direction for your life
*be confident about when God is speaking to you by learning how to recognize His voice
*let go of the unimportant stuff by choosing to accept the greater gifts that God has in store for you

When you say yes to God, you will see your faith grow and bloom. Will you accept His invitation and start your journey today?


SKU (ISBN): 9780736972864
Lysa TerKeurst | Hope TerKeurst Houser
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2018
Publisher: Harvest House Publishers


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