Whos With Me (DVD)


Jeremy Nunes has been getting laughs in church since he was a little boy. It all began when he shook his 78 year-old pastor’s hand with an electric buzzer. He never looked back.

The former small-town mayor now performs at church fundraisers, youth groups, volunteer appreciation dinners, men’s retreats, Christmas parties, revivals, outreach events, VBS, Mother’s Day, and on and on. Jeremy’s also makin’ folks laugh out in the big wide world: on Sirius/XM, Dry Bar Comedy, Last Comic Standing, The Break Up, PBS, National Geographic, ESPN Radio . . . whew! I’m gettin’ tired just listing all this stuff! Did ya know he’s also a husband and father of two youngsters?


SKU (UPC): 622306023295
Artists: Jeremy Nunes
Media: Video DVD
Released: 2020
Crown Entertainment



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