Yosefs Story


He struggled to make sense of the words his betrothed had spoken. An angel . . . she was with child . . . Son of the Most High . . . . He was acutely aware that the child wasn’t his, but he couldn’t accept that her story was anything more than just that-a fable concocted to conceal a guilty secret. No, he must break off the betrothal-quietly, though, so as to protect this girl he so desperately wanted to believe.

Then the angel came to him.

The decision still didn’t come easily-he wrestled long with doubts and questions. I will marry her, he finally told himself. If my dream was only a dream, then yes, it is true she has betrayed and deceived me. But she needs a husband, and a father for her child. People will count the months from our marriage till the child’s birth and think I took advantage of her. I will bear her shame for her; they will blame me.

But if the dream was true . . . Yosef could not even imagine what that might mean.


SKU (ISBN): 9780812704990
Trudy Cole
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2009
Publisher: Review & Herald Publishing


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