40 Questions About Bible Translation


Nearly all believers read a translation of the original texts of the Bible, yet few understand the complex art and scholarship unique to Bible translation

The importance of Bible translation in historic and contemporary Christianity cannot be overstated, with millions around the globe reading and studying the Bible in their own language. Notable translation expert Mark Strauss answers a wide range of questions about this the process and reliability of this endeavor so essential to the core Christian faith.

40 Questions About Bible Translation covers topics related to the process and history of Bible translation; Bible versions and international translation efforts; and the multifaceted challenges in translating the Bible, such as:

*What makes Bible versions different from one another?
*What should be the goal of translation?
*When, why, and how were chapters and verses introduced into the Bible?
*How did the King James Version (KJV) come about?
*How do international Bible translators go about their work?
*What is the difference between grammatical and biological gender and how does this affect translation?

40 Questions About Bible Translation utilizes an accessible question-and-answer format so readers can better understand the Bibles they rely upon, and additional resources are available at 40questions.net.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780825447501
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Mark Strauss
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2023
Publisher: Kregel Publications


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