7 Secrets Of The Spirit Filled Life


Having spent years of his life studying the Holy Spirit, renowned theologian and acclaimed author Jack Levison shares the seven secrets to a fuller, deeper and more powerful relationship with the Spirit.

Packed with biblical insights, practical strategies, focused prayers, Scripture meditations and rich reflections, each short, energizing chapter will fuel your spiritual growth, empowering you to:

* break out of the familiar,
* experience your own personal Pentecost,
* cultivate healthy habits that strengthen the Spirit-filled life,
* and connect with the heart of the Spirit.

A season of breakthrough awaits you. Here is your guide to embracing the Spirit-filled life–and discovering the Helper who fills you up, pours you out and transforms the world through you.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780800762704
ISBN10: 0800762703
Jack Levison | Illustrator: Jeremy Pope-Levison
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2023
Publisher: Chosen Books


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