Boundless God : The Spirit According To The Old Testament


The word ru^ah (commonly translated as breath, wind, spirit, or Spirit) occurs in the Old Testament 389 times–more frequently than torah, shalom, or sabbath. In this volume, a popular Old Testament scholar, whose previous books have received wide acclaim, cracks open the challenging and provocative world of the Spirit in the Old Testament, offering readers cogent yet comprehensive insights.

Grounded in scholarship yet accessible and inviting, this book unlocks the world of the Spirit, plunging readers into an imaginative realm of fresh senses, sounds, and skills. The book gives readers the opportunity to recapture Israel’s tenacious sense of the Spirit’s energy as it was expressed by a series of vibrant verbs: blowing, breathing, coming, resting, passing, pouring, filling, cleansing, leading, and guiding. Readers will encounter in these pages all of the Old Testament expressions of the Spirit–passages that will challenge the conventional, confront the commonplace, and transport them to a world of wisdom, work, and wonder.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781540961181
ISBN10: 1540961184
Jack Levison
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: February 2020
Publisher: Baker Academic


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