Devil Come Out


Recognize and Destroy Demonic Oppression

If Jesus Christ came to set people free, why are so many Christians struggling with mental anguish, addiction, illness, and more? It’s time to go on the offensive to destroy the strongholds of the enemy.

Donna Howells, pastor of The Warehouse Church, reveals the misunderstood truth of how Spirit-filled believers can be afflicted with demonic mental torment and sickness. She unpacks a solid scriptural foundation, explaining how demons try to attach themselves to a person’s soul but can be powerfully defeated and permanently evicted.

You will learn truths that show you how to:

Recognize the seeds of destruction sown by the enemyUnderstand the difference between oppression and possession Expose generational cursesWalk in His authority that demons must obey

When you understand the authority given in Christ Jesus, you’ll be able to break the strongholds restraining you and your loved ones from God’s best. Begin today to live in boldness and confidence-free from the past and experiencing a victorious future.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781667507026
ISBN10: 1667507028
Donna Howells
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: July 2024
Publisher: Harrison House Publishers

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