Faith That Will Not Fail


Beloved author and Bible teacher Michele Cushatt offers ten practices to strengthen your confidence in God’s daily presence and power and build a faith strong enough to endure even the toughest seasons.

Life can be hard. Although there are moments of beauty and goodness, more often than not, life is marked by fear, struggle, disappointment, and loss. And we don’t know what to do with it. We’ve tried to find hope and security in various people and places–but each has proved unworthy of our trust. We need more. Something–or Someone–who won’t fail us when our world falls apart.

In this book, beloved author and Bible teacher Michele Cushatt presents a better way. By exploring powerful personal, historical, and biblical stories of people of extraordinary faith, she curates and shares ten practices to help you deepen your confidence and certainty in the God who can be trusted with your worry, questions, confusion, and grief. As a woman who has been through immeasurable suffering, she writes with both deep compassion and practical insight as she guides you to:

*Practice lament and process grief without guilt or shame

*Understand what keeps you from trusting God and how to navigate doubt with truth

*Learn simple ways to foster shalom and gratitude on a daily basis

*Develop a fresh, eternal perspective that delivers both peace for today and hope for tomorrow

*Savor daily faith-builder practices to strengthen your confidence in God’s love and purposes for you, no matter what happens

There is hope in your hardship and a God who is both with you and for you. These ten practices point the way to the only One you can truly trust, and ultimately, to a faith in him that will not fail.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780310353034
ISBN10: 0310353033
Michele Cushatt
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2023
Publisher: Zondervan


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